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Friday 03 December

You will be guided step-by-step through the painting, and we will have a good old laugh along the way! It doesn't matter if you're Da Vinci or never painted before, everyone is welcome to explore their creativity in this space, and know that our events are always family friendly!

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Chill out, paint your very own masterpiece, grab a bite and a cheeky cocktail, sounds pretty good right?

Join us on Friday December 3rd

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Meet your host...

Facilitated by International Yoga Teacher and Contemporary Artist,  Nadia Insolia

Nadia believes much of the yoga and movement practice crosses over within the visual arts world. From the disciplines to the freedoms, both forms of expression allow the experience of presence and serenity, commitment and discovery.

Contemporary abstract art is a beautiful journey of learning to let go, time and time again, surrender. Abstract art allows us to be in a timelessness engaged state, without expectations.

Nadia's style is rhythmic, soulful and embodied with a whole lot of heart. 

Through her movement practice you can expect juicy slow meaningful flows with a playful aproach to sequencing all with nurturing intention. Meditation and Pranayama is also key to each composition.


Her happy-go-lucky personality is reflected through her humbling down to earth teaching style, throughout the creative workshop this will be an open space for encouragement and support, eliminating all fear.


You are encouraged to cultivate presence in every moment and take note of each and every sensation.

Nadia strongly believes the practice of movement and creativity helps us understand the connection, and disconnection, between mind and body and keeps us children at heart.

Join her to discover your creativity!


A State of Flow

The workshop to get your juices flowing !


adjective.  cre a tive  | kriˈeitiv  

Someone who is artistic in mindset.

Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

Resourceful: making imaginative use of the limited resources available.

See also imaginative & visionary

A State of Flow

New dates coming soon....

Join us to enter a State of Flow and explore your creative potential. Unlock special moments to experience timelessness, where the ego is fully deflated, and you can become mesmerised by a sense of your own ecstasy, romanticising in the presence. 

Throughout this workshop we will explore movement and meditation, journaling and artistic techniques to effortlessly spark creativity and finish through expressionistic abstract painting.


Creativity takes unbiased courage, it is not always 'easy' and expression can be daunting and confronting, not to mention life is spontaneous and unpredictable. This can cause us to retract and stay within our comfort zones, which affects us being able to reach our highest potential within our chosen form. 

Studies show the flow state has been described as the most productive and creative state of mind in which to work. By learning how to enter the state of flow you can increase your productivity, be more creative, and be happier, all at the same time. 

The flow state brings on a sense of serenity, and having no worries about oneself, having a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries and limitations we put on ourselves.

Together we will be sharing the elements of this movement and painting experience in a safe, supportive and creative environment where we cultivate openness and massage the nervous system into triggering the flow state.               



1 - 2:45pm    Yoga, Movement, Guided Meditation, Journaling/ Reflection

2:45 - 3pm    Short Break

3:00 - 5pm    Artistic Techniques, Creativity Exercises and Abstract Painting

Timings are an estimate and subject to change

Spaces for this workshop are limited to respect intimacy and concentration.

There is usually a waiting list for these events so please register early to secure your space.

Register your interest to be the first to hear our new dates!

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Join us to expand your creativity, tap into your deepest state of flow and be free to fully express yourself in the moment