French Wash Feature Wall


Frequently asked questions

I'm confused do you paint homes or canvas'?

We do both! If it's Porter's Specialty finishes you're after Robbie's your go to man! He has the skills and experience to make your feature wall come to life! If you're looking for something a little more different, Nadia is the boss!! She will work with you to tailor and create a very unique and individual boutique centrepiece!

How much do you charge?

Good question.... With each job being so unique and personal, we would like to fully understand the space and what you would like to achieve before we can give you a quote.

Are you from Queenstown and can you travel?

Orignally no! But like most Queenstowners, the mountains stole our heart and now we can't leave. Being based in Queenstown is no limitation to our travels. We are happy to travel NZ wide if our specialty work resinates with you. Obviously our artwork is easily shipped world wide however our feature walls not so much!