About us..

Colour Colab as the name suggest is the forming alliance of two creative souls with a passion for natural colours, deep tones & something a little bit different!

Both Originally from Melbourne where our love affair with Porter's Paints began. 

Robbie learnt the craft from his farther & grandfather 3 generations of painting expertise! 

Some say Nadia was born with a brush, with a passion for fine art and a background in abstract art, Nadia is never shy in pushing the boundaries of whats possible.

With Nadia's background in Interior Decoration and Design and Robbie's years of experience we give you Colour Colab.


The team..


 Creative Director & Visual 

Nadia was born with a passion for painting. Originally based in Melbourne as a freelance international artist, she forged her own ever evolving unique style.

Specialising in the field of abstract art, she has a love affair with deep spectrums of colour, movement and texture. Nadia believes each work holds its own piece of character and individuality.

 Feature wall specialist & Painting

Rob Romero

Robbie comes from a long line of professional painters dating back 3 generations. He was lucky enough to learn the craft of specialty finishes from his father and grandfather with over 40 years experience.

Being brought up in Melbourne he quickly gained an interest in the character of rustic finishes.

His combination of traditional techniques and urban modern design made Robbie the specialty finisher he is today.


Our Process..



From crazy idea to reality we are here to help bring your space to life!

Everyone has a vision of something truely beautiful they would like to create but just not sure where to start?

Bring us your ideas no matter how big or small. It could be a photo/ something you seen online?  a sample, a fabric or a colour. A little bit of detail goes a long way.

Nadia's background in abstract art has given her a unique set of skills with colour blending and colour creation. Bring us a physical sample of the colour you desire and we can make some sample boards in the product of your choice. 

& Craft.

Once you've decided on the look and product. We use a range of techniques and specialty finishes to bring your space to life!

With an in depth understanding of products such as

French Wash 

Porter's Fresco 

Lime Wash 

Venetian Plaster / Polished Plaster

Aged/ Textured Plaster

Interior Distemper

Chalk Paints

Liquid Iron & Copper finishes

Stone Paint

& More

Get in contact to see our samples and what is truely possible for your space.

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